Social Media Marketing Sri Lanka


Small company! Big impact!

The Hit Media 'Hit Squad' carries out strategy-driven, impactful Digital Marketing campaigns for small-to-medium companies. With a small but experienced team we deliver high quality work and we strive for results.

A Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) needs to have the following skills to be effective:

  • Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Technical Expertise on Social Channels

Most of the agencies out there are heavy on design, and lack in copy writing and strategy. We have focused on developing each of those areas to become truly competent.

We only work with a limited number of clients and they all get personalized attention. We develop strategies and execution plans to target the client's audience in the most effective way, to create the right type of audience engagement.

We'll be happy to show you some samples of our work. 




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